About Us

ICLC is country's leading legal, taxation, commercial international business operation training and professional Institute, impart training and arrange placement of aspirants after successfully completion of the course. ICLC is organized and incorporated by its founder, expert legal and business consultant with eminent repute Prop. S.K.Chakravarty PhD, functioning since the year 1986. In ICLC, till date a number of students were trained, successfully placed and are engaged in professional field.

ICLC so far trained large number of students and they are successfully placed in their respective fields. Most of the Institute attracts students to make them book keeping clerk only, but ICLC assures, guarantess, and makes students legal, taxation, financial, commercial expert with the help of uniquely designed course and syllabus.

ICLC designed its courses according to the need of Industrialist, trader, entrepreneurs, audit and legal firms, export/ import houses. ICLC with the help of its highly qualified faculty made it possible.

Our Achievements

ICLC so far trained large number students and most of the trained students are now head of major organization and successfully running their employment potentiality.

Small clip out of large number of Successfull student as below:

After completion of course, you will also be provided employment/ job.

Future scope

ICLC makes you expert personal with versatile knowledge and expertise implanted professionalism

ICLC does not make you accountant or book keeping clerk, rather makes you expert in the Finance, taxation, law and management. In this competitive era, no one accept success without versatile knowledge that ICLC provides. Most of the entrepreneurs desire their finance, tax laws and managements should be taken cared by professional what ICLC provides. ICLC makes you such personal to become boss of the organization.

Fetch in the professional and commercial field, your career graph continues with:

Accounts Manager

Accounts Executive/ Controller

Commercial Executive

Tax Manager/ Executive

In charge of the organization

The earning potentiality rises tentatively starting from:

30K to 40k initially

40k to 50k subsequently

50k to .......infinity (Within short period of time.)

Beside imparting training we also render

Professional Services

Our Institue with its experience, qualified experts professional undertakes the following responsibility and you find peace of mind beside your business growth,

  • Complete accounts and financial series, including project reporting and bank loan.
  • Your total tax planning, preparing all finalising including filling of your direct tax and GST return Online
  • Online TDS and its procedures.
  • Take active part in assessment procedures, refund, appeal and appellate stage. Replies of all notices, preparation of all types of documents, business formation entity.
  • Taking Complete responsibility of your export import mattter, right from IEC number to international business dealing, including arrangment of foreign exchange.

  • Why Wait Grab Opportunity Be Success In Business Field.

We are equipped with

Our renound board of faculty at study who are having high qualification and they are:

S.K. chakravarty
Founder/ Principle
Krishanu chakravarty
Shyamal Kumar Upadhyay
Sujit Mukhuti
Organizor/ Marketing Executive