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Specilised course

Details of course study


1. MS Office : Writing letter, preparing replies of notices, computation, text writing for email.

2. MS Excel : Preparation of various statement, statistics, tables, chart

3. MS Power point : Various presentation of statement, tables, statistics, MIS

4. Internet email : Sending and accessing email, download

  • 1.Business & Commerce: Concept of business and commerce. Governmental policy, Various type of business and its concept, Various entities with advantage/ disadvantage.
  • 2.Finance & Accounts: Concept of accounts and finance, fundamental of accounts.

    Book keeping and entries of business and entries of business transactions like

    • Payment
    • Receipt
    • Sales
    • Purchase
    • Expenses
    • Adjustment, cash/fund flow, closing and finalisation
    • Trading account, profit & loss, Balance sheet, Schedules
    • Bank reconciliation, depreciation, provision, reserve
    • Computerized accounts with two packages (accounting software)
    • Co-oporateporate Accounting
    • Book Keeping


1. Direct Tax

  • concept, applicability, chargeability
  • Residential status, PAN, TAN
  • Heads of income and its complete details
  • Exemption, deduction, relief, rebate, depreciation, TDS, TCS
  • Computation of income. Tax planning
  • preparation and filling of return(manual/ e filling)
  • eTDS, online payment system, Assessment following up, refund
  • Offense, and consequences
  • Appeal and its procedural technique

2. Indirect Tax

All this under mentioned laws are repealed now, but without understanding these laws in details one can not be master in new law, i.e GST
  • Central Excise
  • Basic concept, Concept of goods, manufacturing, job work
  • Registration procedure, ECC, PLA, DSA, CENVAT & procedures
  • Return and assessment, appeal and procedures
  • SSi units, MSME Act 2006 and excise procedures Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Applicability, input/output tax and set off procedures
  • CENVAT, Assessment showcause, appeal etc. central sales tax
  • Applicability, chargeability, and details concept
  • Various forms and utilities. Transfer of consignment
  • Return, accounts, records, and all other needful
  • GST with complete procedures and technique, online return, input/ output set off taxation.
  • Detail concept, applicability, difference with other applicable laws
  • Complete details with prevailing law and procedural technique.

Details of specilised course


Detail concept of costing of materials, labour, overhead in respect with production/service


Bank and its functions. Various type of deposits and lendings. How to obtain loan.

Documents and record for project finance

Formatiaon of corporate, MCA 21

Employees Provident fund/State insurance with complete details and recording, contribution Pay roll preparation


International business leading to Export/ import and concept.

Registration, EIC licencing, Export procedures and laws

Export and government policy, Documentation, LC, Shipping, Insurance

Export credit, Foreign exchange, Documentation complete details.


Indian Contract Act and its concept

Promise, Promisee, Formation of contract. Void and voidable contract

Bailment, agency and applicable laws

Negotiable instruments Act and concept withh applicability and procedures

Offense and punishmernt, Sales of Good act and its concept with legal aspect

Right/Duties of seller/buyer. Cavet Empter

Online Courses

Accounts and Business transaction

Project Report for finance arrangement

Income tax and its procedural technique, including TDS, assesssment

GST and its procedural technique related with repeal Act VAT, Service Tax, central excise

All legal instruments and procedures related with business commerce

International business operation leading to Export/import with complete Procedures

Shipping and its related procedures

Letter of credit, Exim banks

Foreign Exchange Arrangement and Management

Indian Foreign Trade Policy

Master In Import Export Management

World Trading Environment
  • Trading environment

  • Regionalisation in world economy


  • Law and world trade. "lex causae", dispute and aettlement.

  • E-commerce and data interchange.

International Marketing Management
  • Introduction and marketing selection

  • Product, pricing and distribution

  • Planning, Promotion, Controll, of Product and service

  • Reasearch and development

India and World Trade
  • Balance of Payment and overview

  • Trade Policy and Promotion, Foreign trade(Development and Regulations) Act 1992

  • EOU, EPZ, SEZ, EHTP, Exim Policy

  • Product, Service and marketing in various country

  • Export house, star trading home, super star trading home

  • etc.